Friday, November 30, 2007

Listening Post

Happy Friday kids!

It's Ned's Atomic Dustbin -- All I Ask of Myself is that I Hold Together.


Anonymous said...

thank ew for cooming....spooonge is up next.


Chez said...

Between these guys, Spoonge (who really did put on a hell of a show; one of the best one hit wonders of my lifetime) and standing backstage during Letters to Cleo's set so that I could stare at Kay Hanley's phenomenal ass -- it was a damn good evening all around.

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah...that sponge show was awesome. and neds atomic dustbin is one of the most underrated english bands of all-time. word around the campfire is that they're back not sure yet if thats a good or a bad thing. same goes for my bloody valentine.


Lisa said...

Cool band. You should post "Kill Your Television" at some point. Awesome song.