Friday, November 09, 2007

Listening Post

Happy Friday kids!

It's UNKLE's Hold My Hand.

Also, a little bonus for you. The Killers have always been hit or miss: Mr. Brightside was average at best; All These Things that I've Done was just fucking incredible. Their last album came down once again on the average side of the fence, but the new single -- the first from the album Sawdust -- is damn good. Although embedding has been disabled on it, here's the link to the video for Tranquilize.


Anonymous said...

Very homoerotic picture...Thanks Chez

Chez said...

Are you gay professionally Tom?

: )

Anonymous said...

I don't work at Starbucks

winged unicorn said...

starbucks is NOT gay. it may be kind to homosexuals, but that does not make it GAY!!! and i should know.