Friday, November 16, 2007

The Government which Governs Least Annoys Most

Quote of the Day:

""Congress does two things very well: one is nothing and two is overreact."

-- Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga. (Referring to the recently passed bill which cracks down on mortgage lenders who steer buyers toward risky subprime loans)

The U.S. Congress, particularly for a Republican, is pretty much the only fucking place in America where the easiest way to get and keep a job is to basically insist that the entire institution and everything it stands for is shit. Imagine for a minute walking into your office and applying for employment, then telling not only your prospective boss but every other employee there -- as well as the media -- that the whole goddamned place is an inefficient, corrupt mess and that nothing can fix it. Now imagine being allowed to repeat this ridiculous public mantra every single day for the duration of the position that you, for some unknown reason, were actually given.

You know what, you pompous asshole? Somebody out there hired you to change things -- to make the system better. Shut the fuck up, stop bitching about it and get to work.


The Firefaery said...

Amen, brother.

winged unicorn said...

amen amen brother.
typical 2nd grade class, election day project: mock election. inevitably, the incumbent wins. why? "well we should give him/her another chance to get it right." people never seem to leave that 2nd grade mentality. which gets us nowhere. well sorry world, LIFE IS NOT A DO-OVER. nor is it "groundhog day". you do NOT get infinite chances to fix it. NOW. NOW is the time. analyze, assess, think, act. do what you are hired to do. and shut the fuck up while you are doing it.

Robo said...

I find the modern politician to be quite like the modern Middle american. Go to work, don't cause waves, collect a check, rinse and repeat. Some people are happy being Customer Service Reps and others are out for something better. It's just unfortunate that the ones who actually run for these positions(don't get me wrong not all but most)are the ones who are happy with thier meager existence.

Our founding fathers never envisioned being a politician as a career choice. You served your country/state/county/city/whatever and then went back to your chosen profession to live out your life. Not sit in Washington for 30yrs in your Office with Rich Mohagony and many Leather Bound books living high on the voter's hog.

God I hate how stupid the Masses have become.

Eric said...

The Republican party's entire model of government is predicated upon the belief that the free market (read: corporations) are the only thing which can govern effectively. So, they set out to prove their point by bogging down government which inefficiencies, twiddle their thumbs when REAL issues need to be addressed, then they can point their fingers and say, "See! We're right! Our bloated form of government sucks! Privatize social security."
Somehow, the masses in America are too stupid to see the people crying wolf are the actual wolves.

Schwa said...

Every time I read a congressperson bitching like this, I imagine them doing it in the voice of a valley girl bitching about her curfew. It works better that way.

Chez said...

Eric -- great point.