Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dream of the Blue Turkey

On this, the day that we celebrate the beginning of the first -- but certainly not last -- great American land swindle, I ask you to remember the plight of flightless birds everywhere. Sure, that farm-raised turkey is now on your plate, but at one time it had dreams of majestically taking to the skies, just like its feathered bretheren.

Just like the poor Kiwi.

Happy Thanksgiving.


litelysalted said...

Did you know that wild turkeys can fly?

It's a fact.

Not so much with the majestic, though. There's a pack of 'em living in the woods behind my house and when they take to the, uh, branches (which is about as far up as they can fly) it sounds like there's a helicopter taking off.

keenEddie said...

I think Mr. Carlson said it best when he said, ""As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Happy Thanksgiving. I sure miss it.

winged unicorn said...

and i thought kiwis were just green fuzzy fruits chock full of vitamin C.

Vermillion said...

Forget the flying fantasy. That little bastard was PULLING FULLY GROWN TREES UP A GODDAMN CLIFF BY ITSELF. What the hell was in it's oatmeal that morning?

As far as turkeys are concerned, they had plenty of time to get their fat asses off the ground. If they were too lazy to evolve enough to stay off the dinner table so be it. And for the Creationists: God hates turkeys too.

james said...

I know you love Spring Awakening.
Here is Bill T Jones the choreographer in 1994 talking about Aids and the fact that hes dying from it on Charlie rose. about 22 minutes in

here he is winning the tony

winged unicorn said...

hey chez, nice reference to one of my favorite albums! and there was a moon over bourbon street a few weeks ago too....

james said...

oops cut part of the url off
Bill winning the tony and dancing