Friday, November 30, 2007

Does This Address Make Me Look Fatwa?

I wanted to go into lengthy detail about the absolute, undeniable, laughably stupid, balls-out obscene ridiculousness of the whole mess going on in the Sudan regarding the Western teacher now spending 15 days in jail for "insulting" his fucking holiness the prophet Muhammed by inciting a bunch of school kids to name a teddy bear after him, but it's so insane that I can't even begin to wrap my head around it.

Today,once again, thousands of devout Muslims marched through the streets -- this time in Khartoum -- demanding that someone be executed for not showing the supposed proper respect to the lunatic nonsense that is Islam. (For those keeping score, that's the "religion of peace.")

I could spend hours railing against this kind of crap, but it's a Friday evening and I'm eager to get my drink on -- as the prophet would no doubt intend -- so I'll refer you to both a column that I wrote some time ago and the brilliant and thoroughly blasphemous words of a friend of mine, made yesterday in reference to this whole fucking miasma.

(Deus Ex Malcontent: Killing in the Name Of/5.17.07)

(Votar Says: Allah Hu Ack'Bear)

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RottweilerTOM said...

I like:
Winnie the Poo and Muhammad too

I desperately want to create a cartoon with the original Winnie together with a fiendish evil war-monger named Muhammad, whereas Winnie beats the fucking sand out of Muhammad - all while Winnie is wearing a Star of David