Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bang Your Head, Wake the Dead (or Not)

Kevin Dubrow: 1955-2007

Kevin Dubrow's Career: 1983-1985


VOTAR said...

Kevin Dubrow's Hair: 1955-1989

Kevin Dubrow's Hair Implants: Enjoying immortality in their new life as the stuffing inside bean bag chairs available only at participating Spencer's Gifts near you.
Just in time for the Holidays.

Fungi said...

Quiet Riot got me into metal. I was hooked the first time I heard "Cum on feel the noize". Quiet Riot was the first band I ever saw live. Sunrise Musical Theater w/Poison as the opening act, in 1986. Eleven years later, we got the opening slot for Quiet Riot at the Button South. I was so excited to meet my idols. Everyone was super cool, except for Kevin Dubrow. What a fucking asshole. He pissed me off so bad, I told him his wig was on crooked. He demanded we get thrown off the show. Too bad it was 5 minutes before we went on. That little bitch didn't get his way. Fuck him.

Chez said...

Well I guess it's a good thing he's dead then, that bastard.