Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Note from the Management

About the above post:

I'm writing today from my parents' home in quiet Sebring, Florida. Although it's certainly relaxing and quite literally just what the doctor ordered in reference to my health and general wellness issues, it's slightly bittersweet being here.

Four years ago, Jayne and I spent three months essentially living in this house. I began writing my manuscript here -- at this very keyboard. There are memories everywhere I look and everywhere I drive. As this is a family home, there are pictures of Jayne and myself in abundance here -- and in the home of each relative I've visited nearby. Given that Jayne is in South Africa on business right now, and we're going through uncertain times as a couple, it adds a strange sense of sadness and dread to return to a place where she and I have spent so much "family time" over the years.

It also doesn't help that earlier today, I visited my cousin and got the chance to hold her new little girl. The baby is quite simply the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, which belies the fact that, unfortunately, she's very sick. She's already had a minor stroke and may have cranial bleeding, and she's going to have to have corrective heart surgery within the next few weeks.

It reminded me just how fragile each of us is at birth. It also reminded me how much I want to have a child with Jayne -- how often we've talked about it.

It's thoughts like these which make the uncertainty I mentioned all the more painful.

I should add one more thing.

Once again, Jayne and I are going through a difficult time, but make no mistake -- and she'll tell you this if asked -- we love each other very much. I realize that I make certain parts of my private life -- our private lives -- public on this site; I do this with the understanding that there are those out there for whom a statement of marital difficulty on this site is akin to ringing the dinner bell.

Put it another way: some of my so-called friends -- not to mention hers -- have already wasted no time in "reaching out" to my wife, if you get my drift.

I won't bother calling them out by name; you know who you are.

Bottom line -- knock it the hell off.

The aforementioned most beautiful thing I've ever seen -- Chloe.


Suzy said...

the answer is one of the following two things:
1. the antibiotics i'm taking
2. you
the question is, what makes me feel like throwing up and smiling at the same time?
the triteness of saying i'm so glad we're in touch again is so blackwater overkill, but.... i support our troops??? ;)

winged unicorn said...

damn it chaz, you're 70-80 miles from me and YOU DON'T CALL!?!?!?
I drive from orlando to tampa once or twice a week, you don't think i'd visit, bring you chicken soup? WTF???
okay enough rant.
you need something, you call. i am officially local.

Schwa said...

Gotta love the fucking vultures

girl with curious hair said...

Who are these people you call friends? With people like them around you, you don't need any enemies.

And while we don't know each other in real life, I am rooting for you two to make it like the crazy woman I am.

doctor robert ibach said...

mmmm, vultures... good call for an alternative thanksgiving dinner! -_-

Tabi said...

I'm so happy that you are taking the time you need to do some "digging".

A vote of confidence for you and Jayne...you guys are meant to be...everything will be ok :)

Ally said...

I second the comment about friends and enemies.

These "friends" may need a slap in the chops if it continues. Be ready. Wives dig a husband who'll fight for us - even when we claim to be above it.

Best of luck with the baby. My son faced a similiar entry into the world; he survived and is a typical kid, 9 years and counting. You and yours will be in my thoughts.


S. said...

Time to find some new friends... people who know the meaning of restraint and decorum.

"Now every son of a bitch
Is a snake in the grass
What ever happened to class?

Juju said...


Seeing you and Jayne together there is no question about your love for each other. Do what you guys need to do and when I'm back to your side of the world, or you're back to mine, then I would be glad to share a drink, or 7 in Jayne's case ;-), with you guys.

Anonymous said...

While Jayne is comforting herself in a South African restaurant eating rino hoof, I hope you both find common ground and solidify some method of marital bliss.

One thing I am puzzeled by. In another post Chez you talked about 'letting her go' now I hear this "whoa nelly, not so fast."

Be good my friend and may you both enjoy yourselves. One thing I would add from my own world, its fucking not easy being homosexual, and "finding" a relationship aside from just "maintaining" one. So please don't take the value for it for granted, if you're both able to. (this is why i am so livid with the gay marriage opponents - besides the fact their fucking dreadful in their thinking skills, we should always support family - no maater what! - another subject though)

choenbone said...

mmmmm deep fried vulture, good idea Doc, it'll be the best thanksgiving yet.

kill em all

Monique said...

I'll pray to anything and anyone for little Chloe to be a miracle baby :(