Saturday, October 13, 2007


Adult Swim's Metalocalypse is pretty much the best show in the history of television.

Here's proof: The top 30 Dethklok quotes.


mrmook said...

#9. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Senator Stampingston said...


The continued popularity of Dethklok could have DIRE CONSEQUENCES.

To further illustrate the threat, I've assembled a panel of experts, some of whom you've met already. Allow me to introduce

Dr. Gibbons – A Birthday expert.
Dr. Armand Skagerakk Frederickshaven – Mythology expert on Finnish lake trolls.
Dr. Donald Gorfield – Comedy specialist.
Dr. Romumilif Chesterfield – Military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturing expert.
Dr. Ronald von Moldenberg – Endorsement specialist.
Dr. Natasha Neshenskanovich – Dethklok specialist from the Dethklok think tank in Washington, DC, specialing in Nathan Explosion Studies.
Vincenzo D'allimamma La Corningston III - Celebrity depression researcher and expert on Mashed Potato Johnson.
Professor Jerry Gustav Munndig – Child control expert whose resemblance to 1960's children's show host Bob Keeshan is purely coincidental.
Horace Marvingblad Wimplestein, Jr. – A celebrity relationship expert.
Dr. Chaz Fazzeldoctinhoffer – Resident acting expert.

And of course, you all know Dr. Twinkletits.

Amber said...

Disappointing! They left out When Nathan Explosion says "Blacker than the blackest black times infinity." Also, I was expecting the grocery store scene where he's on the intercom talking about specials on "every bone broken chicken." Finally, My favorite is when Nathan tells Pickles "You're an a**hole and your music SUCKS...I'm having a hard time expressing myself." They missed my three favorites!

Alice said...

" library?"


Chez said...

My favorite is also missing actually: after the Larry King-looking guy is killed while interviewing them and Nathan says, "Great idea for a song name -- Bloodtrocution!"

And of course, "Gives dat clown a little bit of a slap."