Monday, October 15, 2007

Listening Post

dirty DNA - World Destruction

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In keeping with the recent "Very Metal" theme, this is a friend of mine's band from South Florida.

If I didn't actually like them quite a bit, I wouldn't be posting them here; on the contrary, this is a damn catchy song.

Dirty DNA -- World Destruction. (You can hear more of them here.)


Juju said...

You should listen to Divination. It's my friend's band from Reading. I think you may like them too. I, on the other hand, can't understand a lot of the lyrics but I can "appreciate" their stuff.

Senator Stampingston said...

Rob Deuce, taller than a tree.

Fritz von Winkle, not a bumblebee.

Greg DaGooch DaGooch DaGooch.

Korky, the drummer.

Doodly doo doodly doo dum doodly doodly.

Crime Cassandra.

Gentlemen, I'm afraid that's all we know.

John said...

ha ha...metal daddies