Monday, September 10, 2007

Wall of Doo-Doo

For the record, I don't really have an opinion about the immigration issue currently setting Capitol Hill aflame and making Lou Dobbs's oversized head explode nightly on CNN. On the one hand, I understand and agree that if you break the law in this country -- immigration laws included -- you deserve to be punished; I also understand that certain concessions to reality, however unfortunate, have to be made: If you kicked every illegal immigrant out of, say, where I live in New York City, the whole damn place would grind to a halt.

That said, I can't abide dishonesty from those who seek our trust -- no matter the subject.

Last night, during a first-of-its-kind live debate on Spanish-language network Univision, the Democratic candidates for president proved that bullshit knows no language-barrier.

When asked the absurdly petulant trick question "Why is it okay to vote in favor of erecting a wall along the U.S./Mexico border but not the U.S./Canada border?" the entire panel seemed to erupt in flustered confusion -- the "gotcha" moment the moderator no doubt intended.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Oprah Obama in particular engaged in wholly insincere verbal gymnastics, each evading the main thrust of the question by brandishing a mind-blowing arsenal of inefficacies, platitudes and half-measures -- all politically correct and guaranteed to offend no one; all devoid of anything even resembling substance.

Needless to say,no one was willing to respond to the question with the only honest and legitimate answer possible.

Why build a wall along the Mexican border but not the Canadian?

Because there aren't a half-million illegals sneaking across the border from Canada every year.

Answer this way and I'll vote for you simply on principle.


Taryn said...

God bless you, Chez. Not so much: America.

britta is an asshole said...

we don't need to build a wall along the canadian border, because canada will soon build it themselves to keep us out.

chris said...

Actually, britta, we were hoping you guys would build it. Much cheaper for us and the irony would go on forever.
Cheers from Nova Scotia.

Harris said...

Really, what incentive is there for any of them to be honest about anything? Americans don't want honesty, we want to be pandered to. Imagine if a candidate came out and said, "I'm going to raise your taxes. We have this disastrous war to pay for, a crumbling infrastructure to rebuild, a shredded social safety net, a health insurance crisis, a massive and growing deficeit and a rapidly approaching Medicad timebomb. So yes, I'm going to raise taxes and, frankly, you should thank me for having the balls to say so." That candidate would be put to the torch by pitchfork-wielding villagers.

Karl and Mia said...

If we got inexpensive medications from Mexico like we do from Canada I guarantee we would not be installing a wall, fence, or what-have-you.

From a future psych nurse.

Jim said...

Both debates are moronic contests of emotionally heavy handed nonsense. Between the "How can you compare your son to mine" crap at the Republican debate to the "I can't speak to mein people in mein language" bullshit if this is what you morons respond to...

Seriously, fuck you, America.

There, I said it... on 9/11.

Fuck you - All of you and your fat, stupid little mongoloid kids.

Dianne said...


That would be a SENSIBLE answer! You don't really look for one of those in a political debate, do you?

mrmook said...

Thanks Jim!

Just want to remind you that you're welcome in our country at any time. We do appreciate intelligient discousre and the occasional rebel yell.

You see, you have a RIGHT to say whatever you feel when you're standing on our soil.

That's what it's about.
Enjoy the Freedom 'cuz it may be your last.

VOTAR said...

Joe Biden for President

Robo said...

Talabbi's new RS Article is a nice addition to your post. Fucking bunch of spineless babies unwilling to take a stand on anything. It's infinitely frustrating.

"Why don't you just tell me the Issue that I should be saying is important..."
(Politician in Kramer's MoviePhone voice from Seinfeld)

Chez said...

One of my all-time favorite Seinfeld bits.

Lorenzo said...

I think I may have said this once before. . .but you've got my vote

Anonymous said...

As a University of Miami student who was lucky (or insane) enough to get a free ticket to that debate I can tell you it didn't look much better in person. Hillary and Barack are blatently playing the middle line to get votes, and so is Edwards but I can live with that because I understand it. Kucinith is still one step away from being a communist, Dodd makes absolutely no impression on me despite my knowledge of his existence, Gravel made a huge error in his answering of the Fidel question and Richardson just seemed pissed off all night about the initial conflict over not being allowed to answer in spanish. Biden didn't show up, and the most enjoyable part was the little dig at the republican candidates who have yet to respond to Univision's invitation to host a forum with them in spanish.

However, less enjoyable than all that was the two borderline sexist males sitting next to me shit-talking both the female moderator and Hillary the entire time. I felt like asking if they were afraid of all women or just the ones in positions of authority.

- Rusty