Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Listening Post

In 2001, Kenna took an award-winning animated short film called More -- about a broken factory worker's tragic attempt at recapturing and mass producing the wonder and innocence of his youth -- and used it as a video backdrop for the first single from his debut album New Sacred Cow.

The result was one of the most stunning, powerful music videos ever made.

Here's Hell Bent.


Carolyn said...

That was really striking - beautiful and unusual, in the best possible sense. it's not often something makes me cry at 8:30am!how do I not know about this person?

Mike said...

HOLY SHIT! I did not think anyone other than myself and my buddy John knew about kenna, the entire album is amazing and different and somehow sad at the same time great pick!

Tony Schreiber said...

Mike, you can make that four people. I love that album. Vexed and Glorious !

Silent fan said...

Thanks for another stunning find.