Wednesday, September 12, 2007

...And His Assistant, Nurse Vadj Wehtness

True Item: While at Cornell Medical Center today, picking up copies of my medical records, I happened to notice the name of the hospital's chief urologist on the directory -- urology of course being the study of the male reproductive system and the male and female urinary tracts.

That name: Dix Poppas, M.D.


namron said...

My wife ws a OB/GYN patient of a Dr. Feely.

Calitri said...

I work as an architectural engineer for a company that primarily does hospital work, so I'm in and out of hospitals around the DC, Baltimore area all the time.

A couple of years ago I worked for one hospital in particular that had an over abundance of sweet doctor names. My favorites (because I'm immature):

1. Dr. Balls - And yes, he did specialize in male reproduction and anatomy.

2. Dr. Cox - I don't know his specialty but sometimes they would call his name over the intercom just before Dr. Balls. That always cracked me up.

3. Dr. Mystery - This one's my all time favorite. I have no idea what he does.

I couldn't tell you how any of them actually spell their respective names. I'd only hear them over the PA system getting paged to various areas of the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Here in Austin there's a very well-respected urologist named Dr. Dick Chop. No lie. He's done vasectomies on several men I know.

RottweilerTOM said...

I actually like how after the bathroom incident, Senator Craig consulted with Mike Crapo

Brian said...

There's a Tampa urologist named Cockburn.

britta is an asshole said...

i had a gynecologist named dr. flesh. i always pictured him having a second job as some superhero's arch enemy.

Nancy said...

From the other side of the bed, the desk, the examining table, when I was a hospital chaplain, I once had a lovely patient who was undergoing a breast reduction. Her name was Mrs. Tittermeyer. For real.

Alex the Odd said...

I spend about 80% of my time at work scanning research papers into a database of everything my boss has ever read, ever in the hisory of his 2000 years in science or something.

My favourite author name so far:

U. Khunt

Superb. There are many more amusing ones but for some reason that one just stuck with me.

John said...

Just so you know, the names paged at a hospital are sometimes code. At the hospital where my wife works, Dr Strong is paged to the room where a patient needs restraint.