Friday, August 10, 2007

Parker Posing

For all of the unapologetically offensive content that can normally be found here at my little corner of the internet, I tend to shy away from posting gratuitous nudity.

Sometimes though, you have to bend the rules, and if ever there was an oh-so-perfect reason to snap this one in half like a twig, you're looking at it.

Mary Louise Parker.

Mary Louise Parker's ass actually (and word has it, it in fact is hers and not that of a body double).

Weeds is a damn good show, and one certainly worth helping to promote, but make no mistake, this is not about a TV show -- this is about Mary Louise Parker and my full-on, die-hard, lustful little-boy crush on her.

That crush, needless to say, extends to her ass.

Now, in the words of one of my favorite Firefly characters -- I'll be in my bunk.


cornucrapia said...

Faaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. I love weeds and I love that ass. I haven't started watching the third season yet because I can't stand to wait between episodes. Although I'm almost shitting myself over the end of season 2.

Chez said...

This picture -- minus the exposed ass part -- is plastered up all over New York City. Needless to say, it's distracting as all hell.

I love the hell out of this woman, and the more I look at her -- the more I watch her work -- the more confused I become that Billy Crudup dumped her for Claire Danes, while she was pregnant no less.

And the more absolutely fucking baffled I am that she once dated that troll Adam Duritz (who for some inexplicable reason sees more hot ass than a sorority house toilet seat).

It's just a very strange world.

J.L.Jones said...

Holy... Wow. Mary Louise Parker is amazing... And she's always looked dynamite. This is just... A megaton bombshell.

Mike said...

Hooray for photoshop. Shit, I've got no problem with going to my bunk with a playboy or maxim, so I've nothing against airbrusting. She's attractive enough, but there's no way she's looks even remotely like that in real life.

Chez said...

Couldn't care less.

It's her personality as much as it is the way she looks. The world needs more chicks as cool as she is.

Vermillion said...

It simply must be said again: Billy Crudup is a dumbass.

And there is nothing "little-boy" about how I feel about her. Knowing that looks are apparently low on the potential mate totem pole makes me feel much hope.

Thank you Adam Duritz. Crudup, you are a dumbass.

I am done.

*looks at pic again*


VOTAR said...

I was all about to just raise an eyebrow and smirk and say "whatever"

but then I remembered The West Wing.

So, uh, yeah. High five.

Fungi said...

I wish I was a loofah!

Anonymous said...

Chez I give you credit for your taste in fine-looking women.

Chez said...

Why thank you sir.

Thing is, Jayne knows she has nothing to worrry about, given that she's well aware that I think she's more beautiful than any of my silly celebrity crushes (and there aren't very many).

I kid you not.

slouchmonkey said...

I appreciate your ferver...or, is it -or? Don't know, don't care. She's a terrific actor, but I always go back to The Client where she plays this disgusting white trash, weirdo, Brad Renfro's mom. I can't separate her from that role. So, uh, she scares me.


Karl and Mia said...

Your own personal Mrs. Reynolds, eh?

tony said...

I just finished watching Season 2 of Weeds on DVD. I thought it was amazing. I almost watched it straight through.

She does seem like a very cool woman. In addition, of course, to being very hot.

Adam said...

Frankly, this picture has been haunting the periphery of my mind continually since I first saw it. Have I always thought Mary Louise Parker was wildly attractive? Yes. Is it related to being pretty sure her West Wing character could best me in an argument? Also yes. Nevertheless, the only words for this, regardless of the turning of worlds and the changing of days is:
That. Ass.

Now, I think I'll go chug some Stag and watch Delta Force to really polish the motif.

Also, if you're not watching Weeds, you, sir or madame, have lost. Good day.

Shane said...

Interestingly enough, I JUST posted a blog entry on how much I am loving Weeds, having just picked up the dvds this week.

And at the same time, we're watching Firefly for the first time.



Henry said...

Jayne not only doesn't have anything to worry about because you love her - but you would never have a chance with someone like Mary Lou.

Jayne said...

I think I'm offended, Henry.

Seamus Gentz said...

I understand completely. I'm an absolute sucker for women with big dark eyes. The pert bottom is a nice bonus.

Anonymous said...

i came in here to say what vermillion said.

and, that MLP makes my pants fit funny.

Henry said...

I wasn't trying to insult you Jayne (actually don't get how you're offended at all).

I noticed every time anyone makes a jab at Chez, YOU'RE the one jumping all over everyone's shit.

Chez is a big boy. And you need to relax.

Chez said...

Look Henry, I understand exactly who your minor jab was aimed at -- and yes, I am a big boy. I have absolutely no idea why you'd say something as stupid as "Well, you'd never have a chance with her!" as if you're a third-grader trying to call dibs. Besides, I didn't know that you and "Mary Lou" were on a first-name basis.

I'm likely NEVER going to meet MLP, and no, we'll never run off together one way or another. But you must not be married, because you apparently don't understand how husbands and wives relate over something as silly as who else they're attracted to -- celebrity or otherwise. I said what I did because as far as I'm concerned, Jayne is a celebrity. She sure as hell looks like one, and she's whip-smart. My comment wasn't really intended for you as much as it was for her -- because sometimes it's just nice to let her know that I like to shout it from the rooftops how great she is.

That being said, I happen to like the fact that my wife defends me, and as it turns out it works both ways.

In other words, Jayne can and will speak up whenever she feels like it. If it bothers you for whatever reason, hey, it's a very big internet; there's lots of other stuff to read out there.

Jayne said...

awww... thanks, sweetie.

I dont' take myself that seriously, Henry- I was making a silly comment about you implying that I was easy to have a chance with. :)

btw, everyone- I've met MLP, and she is just as beautiful and spectacular as you all hope she is in real life. even without retouching.

Henry said...

Yep Chez, you nailed it. I'm not married. And yeah, it's nice that your wife defends you.

You got me curious now - you keep mentioning how pretty she is. Why don't you all share the wealth and have a post with her pictures??

I bet we'd all enjoy that...

Chez said...

Henry knock it the hell off and play nice please. I'm tired of the back and forth. There at least two links on the right that'll take you to pictures of her, and if you've read this site long enough you know that I've put up shots of her and us before. You wanna find them, be my guest.

Anonymous said...

She is certainly a very beautiful woman, but I can't help but feel a little annoyed at how friggin photoshopped she is in this picture. No 43 year old woman looks like that, nor should she need to. As for her rear too looks so airbrushed/photochopped as to not even look real anymore.