Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Parker Posing: Redux

Mary Louise Parker, circa 2005.

God I love Google Image Search.


imemine said...

This is just everything that is right about a woman.

Not Only, But Also Lee said...

Pffft. No face? Then that could be any girl that I want to mount like a lion.

VOTAR said...

What's tragic here is that we have to admire this (particularly the rather enticing, uh, little pelvic swell there in those Victoria Secret boy shorts) while also having to endure the horrific visage of Karl Rove directly below.

It's sort of like that last scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc...first we behold the face of God, then scream in agony as our eyes melt out of our skulls.

Vermillion said...

DAMN, Crudup was a dumbASS.

That is all the English I can manage to put together together to describe my feelings.

Wait, a little bit more:

Thank you little Parker baby, for making her even hotter.

t.j. boone said...

damn -- nice picture!

tony said...

Oh how I love the pelvic swell. Very nice.