Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Message from the Management

I hate to break promises*, but as it turns out, nothing more substantial will be forthcoming on the departure of Karl Rove -- at least not within the next couple of days.

The truth is that I've been up to my ass in the story at work -- although curiously not as deeply immersed as I probably should be, as it's imperative that we carve out the necessary airtime to keep you up-to-date on those trapped miners -- and I have no desire to stare at Karl's Babyface Finster-esque mug any longer than necessary.

Want something more substantial?

I hope the son-of-a-bitch gets eaten alive by rats.

How's that?

(*Several ex-girlfriends would dispute this.)

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Anonymous said...

Scott Horton at Harper's has been doing some interesting reporting on the federal prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.

Seems there's been a Rove/Prosecutor/Judge 3-way going on behind closed doors and now a witness has come forward...and she claims to have records. ~BB~