Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Listening Post

For the most part, I'm not a fan of the current crop of bands trying to recreate the whole Joy Division/Depeche Mode/80s goth-synth sound. I lived through it the first time around; it wasn't all that great back then and I seriously doubt that an idiot like Davey Havok from AFI can make it work for a new generation. That said, in almost every musical genre (with the exception of Reggaeton, which is entirely worthless), there are one or two bands that somehow manage to get it all right -- the sound, the look, the better qualities of whatever they're going for.

She Wants Revenge nails the dark sexuality of goth's former glory perfectly.

If you can't get laid to this song, it might be time to move yourself into a rest home.

Here's Tear You Apart (the edited version, which is unfortunate because never has the word "fucking" been used with such impact in a song).


largo said...

this song makes me wet.

Chez said...

Gosh, I really hope you're a woman.

s. said...

I discovered She Wants Revenge quite by accident; they opened for the Kills about a year and a half ago (or so) and I thought I'd wandered into twenty years ago. I looked at my husband and yelled, "Who the fuck are these guys? They sound like Bauhaus. Only they're doing Bauhaus BETTER than Bauhaus!" It's astonishing, how well they do it; sometimes I'm not quite convinced they aren't actually 45 years old, singing songs they sang in the mid-80s, and we've collectively just forgotten about them.

What's interesting is that although their debut is the best dark wave 80s album since, well, possibly ever (and I AM a fan of Joy Division, et al), they're DJs with a hiphop background. Which makes them even cooler.

I fucking love these guys, period. And as an old goth, they get major props for not going the nouveau goth part and trying to dress the part, with eyeliner and Hot Topic clothing, like AFI and the rest of them.

Chez said...

I was familiar with Warfield before this band -- he did a song on the City of Industry soundtrack years ago. It wound up being remixed by Liam of Prodigy.

I like SWR because they do manage to get the mood right, without sounding completely fucking derivative.

Chez said...

Like your site by the way. Enjoyed Sideways but LOATHED I (Heart) Huckabees with every fiber of my being.

slouchmonkey said...

No love for Davey and AFI? They've been around for quite awhile, no? Fall Out Boy, I equate to the eye-liner crap.

PhredKid said...

Never would've guessed that Justin Warfield would've been the salvation of the previously-mentioned genre. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.