Friday, August 03, 2007

Listening Post: Classic Edition

They're probably the single most underrated band in rock history.

Cheap Trick -- The Way of the World.


Bon Scott and Angus Young. 'Nuff said.

AC/DC's Shot Down in Flames.


Phiff said...

Couldn't agree more about AC/DC. They influence more beginning rockers today than any band alive.

How great would it be to step back to the 70's for a day and see these two great bands performing in concert together once again?

Chez said...

It'd require a kick-ass '78 Camaro with a jacked-up rear-end and an 8-track that played Foghat.

slouchmonkey said...

Bon Lives! One of my top three favorite rock n roll front-men of all time. He just looks like a crazy muthafucka!