Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Win-Lose Situation

It's not surprising in the least that two of the most painfully overrated shows on television are now officially in the running to win Emmys for being the best in their genres.

Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty picked up nominations for Best Drama and Best Comedy respectively this morning, thereby not only negating the value of an Emmy entirely, but also perpetuating the tried-and-true cycle of creative mediocrity on network television.

Make no mistake -- both of these shows offer up little more than a weekly dose of vacuous crap.

Feel free to read on:

(Anatomically Incorrect/6.2.06)

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Anonymous said...

what else is ARE the Emmy Awards

Vermillion said...

Read tour linked posts. Genius as always. And I totally agree with your criticims about both shows. They are quite overrated and are taking slots that several other s shows deserved (VM for one).

But say another bad thing about my beloved America Ferrera and I will remove your blackened heart.

rayray said...

Wow. I usually agree with you, but honestly, your assessment of Ugly Betty is just plain wrong. Each character is portrayed, while not realistically, with both strengths and flaws, and the show does contain a good message, which is be true to yourself. It's light and fluffy and stereotypical, but it's not the piece of crap that you make it out to be. It's a lot better than Grey's Anatomy, that's for sure.

Robert said...

Michael Hogan should be allowed to pluck out the Emmy voters' eyes.

Chez said...

Rayray -- in the words of the good people of Guadalajara: tu sabés yo te quiero, pero...

Nope, every episode I've seen of Ugly Betty has left me reaching for a bottle of Tylenol.

It in no way deserves the accolades being heaped upon it.

Lorenzo said...

This is why I don't watch TV

Paul said...

I am glad to say I have never seen an episode of Ugly Betty since it comes on at the same time as Scrubs. Unfortunately, I have watched Grey's Lobotomy. I was a regular watcher until this year...I can't explain it, I can only throw myself at the mercy of the court and plead for forgiveness. I will do whatever penance to rid myself of the stench of it.

Finally I am confused why Battlestar Galactica and the The Wire are continuously left out. I guess the true way to gauge the best shows is to see which are NOT nominated and go from there.