Monday, July 23, 2007

We're Expanding to Better Serve You

You've probably noticed a few changes here at my silly corner of the internet -- unless of course you're one of those people who've found themselves completely engrossed in Harry Potter's valiant life or death struggle over the past few days. (Sorry folks, I don't think that's ever getting old.)

Basically, this little experiment of mine has finally grown up; it now has its own private domain name and a much nicer masthead -- thanks to the lovely and talented Stacey over at Litely Salted, who came up with the design and implemented the change-over.

You may run into a few glitches over the next day or two as the final adjustments render, but be patient.

I promise I'll make it worth your while by eventually finding some other group of obsessives to torture just for the hell of it.


namron said...

OK, the Potter matter has been thoroughly flogged. Your next post
should be a defense of Vick's dog fighting. If so, warn your server!

Schwa said...

You may run into a few glithches over the next day or two as the final adjustments render, but be patient.

You misspelled glichtes.

Nate said...

Congrats on the upgrade, Chez!

Chez said...

Schwa -- that was one of the glitches.

Schwa said...

I figured as much which is why I misspelled it too AND I GUESS MY JOKE JUST FELL ON ITS FACE AND SUCKED semi-colon close parenthesis

Monique said...

Meh.. that's still a shitty excuse for leaving me bored this afternoon.