Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THIS... IS... BLOGGER!!!!!!!

Guess I'll be starting that vacation a little late.

The juvenile carpet-bombing of Wikipedia by the "Malcontent Nation" (with all due deference to Stephen Colbert) has begun.

I'm already having kick-ass leather vests made that look a lot like the ones worn by The Warriors.

I love you guys.


Jayne said...


make sure you change your usernames, people- they'll block you if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Changing your username isn't enough. First, they will permanently block your IP address (not such a big deal...there are workarounds if it's important for you to be a Wiki member), then they will publicly post yout IP address (that's a bigger deal, it's possible to trace personal, address, etc.).

Don't underestimate the Wikidiots. They are small, vindictive, ugly people who rule their little corner of the 'Net with an almost fevered obsession towards absolute rule compliance. These people are exactly the type of petty bureaucrats who "make the trains run on time."

For example...Last month when Steve Gilliard passed, the thugs tried to wipe him from Wiki that very day! It took thousands of Gilly's readers (some quite notable) to beat them back. All because a handful of assholes who knew how to play the rules disagreed with Steve's politics.

There are plenty of "boil the bunny" Wiki horror to stay away.~BB

Lorenzo said...

I'm sorry to say I can't participate from work. I tried adding myself as the greatest person ever a couple times, and now if I "graffiti" Wikipedia again from the shared IP at work, we'll get banned. And the rest of the office has made it abundantly clear that they'll be rather upset if that happens. . .

choenbone said...

i feel a major burn coming on here....oh this is gonna be good.

TK said...

Jesus, if there was gonna be an infantile firebrand to lead the charge... it was gonna be Manny.

QueBarbara said...

I'd like to help, but leather vests really chap my . . . well, it chafes.

Perhaps if I could wear something more comfy, like this?