Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Something Kick-Ass This Way Comes

So, I went to see Transformers this morning.

I'm happy to report that, amazingly, it didn't leave me threatening to trade the life of the girl behind the concession counter for a refund of my ten bucks; In fact, the movie whose teaser trailer once left me snickering my elitist ass off was actually damn good. It's big and dumb as all hell, but it's also thoroughly entertaining.

Believe it or not though, the movie itself was just barely the star of the show.

It was all but outdone by a mere two minutes of film attached to the coming attractions.

I'd recommend seeing Transformers for no other reason than the chance to see what could very well be the most startling, intense, and effective teaser trailer to hit screens in, well, possibly forever.

It's for the top secret project from MI:3 director and Lost creator J.J. Abrams, which so far is known only as "Cloverfield." (Even the teaser doesn't mention the name of the movie, which just adds to the ominous jolt of it.)

I'd pass along what's known about the project so far, but best to let the trailer work its magic without spoiling the initial shock and sense of appropriate confusion it dishes out in spades.

Suffice to say, it comes out of nowhere -- and managed to leave an entire theater in stunned silence.

Whatever the hell it is -- I can't wait for it.


Anonymous said...

so do they make the same sound when they transform that they made in the 80s cartoons?

VOTAR said...

I dunno, man. Need I remind you of the summer of 1998.

"His eyeball is bigger than this dumpster"

"His colon is bigger than this taxi."

"His dick is longer than this bus."

When it comes to nebulous, thought-provoking movie hype campaigns, Roland Emmerich kinda fucked it all up for posterity.

Chez said...

Trust me, this is not Godzilla. When you see the teaser, you'll understand.

VOTAR said...

I've seen it. Yeah, for free. Those damn kids and their online bootleg videos... heh heh...

My Godzilla reference was meant to illustrate how completely disparate a teaser trailer campaign can be from the quality of the actual movie itself.

Now, as to the particulars. I totally missed my chance to stay caught up on LOST, so I can't wade into the already rampant speculation that this is a movie tie-in for Abrams' t.v. show (fans are noticing the similarity between the "thunderous roaring sound" reported throughout the city, and a sound made by one of the creatures on that show).

But, I'll go out on another limb, just to be a dick:

The Japan reference?

It precedes a Transformers movie.

The "thunderous roar?"

"I saw it. It's a lion, it's huge."



Chez said...

Tonight's top story...

Voltron got TOTALLY served.

Vikingwench said...

Saw it last night with my 23 year old son, who still buys Transformers and keeps them in a box for his (I hope) future children. We both loved it. Check your brain at the door, get over the fact that it's a Michael Bay film, excuse me, movie, and ignore the product placement. LOVED the interplay between the parents, and Shia is using projects like this to make the transition from child actor to adult presence in the public areana. This was a good lead-in to his role in Indiana Jones IV (fingers crossed).

Vikingwench said...

Also loved the Voltron got served comment... have it saved on my hard drive and my granddaughter watches it over and over when she comes to visit.

Manny said...

Chez, from all the chatter I've been seeing, it may be something based on H.P. Lovecraft's work.

Anonymous said...

it may be something based on H.P. Lovecraft's work.

The extent to which this would rock cannot be properly expressed.