Thursday, July 26, 2007

Listening Post

Well, better late than never I guess -- not that it matters much by this point.

Back in 1995, I was one of maybe three people who bought the debut CD from a band called Sybil Vane (always a fan of literary references in music). The Seattle Sound was at its pinnacle, and Sybil Vane offered the then-popular blend of swirling guitar psychedelia, heavy, droning drumwork and Wall-of-Grunge production by Rick Parashar -- all combining to create a sound that made you think the batteries in your old cassette Walkman were dying.

What made them stand out though, was the alluring voice of their enigmatic lead singer, April Devereaux.

She took what might have been an otherwise unmemorable set of songs and turned them into something magical -- sort of My Bloody Valentine and PJ Harvey meet supergroups like Mad Season and Brad.

Alas, Sybil Vane pretty much vanished with little fanfare.

Until now.

Thanks to the advent of sites like YouTube, the band's stunning video for the single Pixy can now be seen by the masses. For a band that hasn't existed for almost a decade, it's surprising that it's generating any kind of buzz at all, but it is -- no doubt due partially to the fact that April Devereaux appears nude in it (something which disgracefully kept it from airing on MTV during its initial release).

It's a gorgeous video and a great song.

Click here to see Sybil Vane's Pixy.

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StevenP said...

Wow, That's a great (t)rack.
Is the Cd still in print?