Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Listening Post: Fourth of July Edition

On this Independence Day, let's hear from some guys who really know what to do with fireworks: Attach them to large metal boots and fire them into an audience full of crazed Eastern Europeans.



Kell said...

Thanks or that Chez.
Just what I needed.
Man, Its been a long time since I've heard Rammstein. I remember seeing them for the first time live when I was 14. It was dark and I was alone without shoes in a stinking mosh pit of 10,000 over excited boys.
Watching the lead singer from Rammstein light himself on fire and do nasty things to a little guy in leather with strap on dildo attached to himself is one of my fondest "moments in rocknroll" memories. Not to mention a sexual revelation.
Mmmmm "Buck Dich".

Laser Rocket Arm said...

I love Rammstein, even if Till Lindemann sounds slightly retarded when he's speaking English.

VOTAR said...

All Germans sound slightly retarded when speaking English.


Anonymous said...

Speaking for all gay man everywhere I am glad they live in America

Anonymous said...

Ich will ein paar von der Rammstein schlagen und explodiere ein paar von meinen Feuerwerken auf ihnen

choenbone said...