Thursday, July 12, 2007

IRAQ Zzzzzzz

You've gotta love our idiot president.

Five years into this worthless war and he's still spouting the same delusional crap -- like an autistic kid who repeats one or two words over and over.

But credit to him for cleverly trying to win back the love of his prodigal son, the White House press corps, by buying them a shiny new car -- or in this case, building a new state-of-the-art press room.

It looks nice from what I could see during today's news conference.

Unfortunately, the designers forgot a couple of necessary features.

Like a gong.

And three seats for Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan and Rip Taylor.


VOTAR said...

Or a big shepherd's hook on the end of a long pole to yank him off the stage, kicking and squirming to retrieve his top hat which has rolled dangerously close to the gas foot lamps, while the band plays some up-tempo vaudevillian number to calm the spirits of the press corps, who are making judicious use of the rotten cabbages and tomatoes they brought with them.

Did Victorian audiences really bring stale produce to the theatre as often as the movies would have us believe?

But yes, press conferences that might include Rip Taylor running around throwing confetti from a brown paper bag and whistling on a slide-flute...that would be fun also.

VOTAR said...

Oh and maybe it's just me, but the shiny new press briefing room looked, and sounded, terrible.

The audio seemed distant, the lighting and videography looked like a Univision telenovella, and that baby blue curtain looked about as presidential as the backdrop they had at his appearance at the Miami Dade Community College graduation ceremony I had to endure a few weeks ago, complete with plastic potted palm trees.

Where did you get that dress? And those shoes...just awful!

Richard said...

I would write something, but I can't stop laughing at the reference long enough to think of something......loved it