Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gods & Monsters

Slowly but surely, the first real images are surfacing for a couple of next year's more anticipated movies.

First, behold, the truly re-imagined and brilliantly disturbing new vision of the Joker.

And, word is the official name of J.J. Abrams's mysterious Cloverfield project may in fact be Monstrous (or maybe it's just the perfect description) -- and this could be the teaser poster:


VOTAR said...

Rumor has it (and, don'tcha just love internet rumors, like, uh, EVER1 DIES IN HARRY POTTER LOLZ U ALL R TEH PWNED!!!)

...that the word Monstrous is intended only as an adjective, and not the actual title.

I've been mulling my own theory: (regardless of the eventual title) even after seeing the movie, we might not even know what the "monster" looks like. I was thinking, if Abrams wants us to experience what it is like for the "average joe" during a catastrophic event, through the use of the hand-held POV technique, the whole movie might wind up being a lot of chaos and confusion, with maybe the occasional glimpse of what is happening way off in the background, just like the teaser. I'll bet this will draw heavily from the images we remember from 911, the surreal quality of watching two 110 story buildings evaporate. I remember the common observation then was "look at that, this is like a science fiction movie." Maybe this movie will throw the normal Hollywood convention, of the story-book hero rising to the occasion to save the day, right on its ass. Maybe there won't be a lead character, just you, inside the head of some kid running for his life through the darkened streets of Manhattan, while buildings crash down around him.

Spielberg ratcheted the tension way up in the beginning of the War of the Worlds remake by spending long sequences NOT showing the alien machines, but the evidence of their presence was unavoidable.

What you are left with -- as an audience member forced into identifying with the events on screen by becoming one of the participants -- is the basic instinct to survive. Where do you run? Who do you worry about? How do you reach out to your loved ones when all communication breaks down? Where would you want to be if you knew the world was ending? Would you turn to religion? Would you loot and steal -- or kill -- to stay alive? Would you offer to fight in the face of terrifying odds?

Setting it in New York, what better place to demonstrate how all the things we take for granted completely break down when catastrophe bitch-slaps civilization. Just look at New Orleans the morning after Katrina.

Forget fancy CGI effects and Bruckheimer action sequences. As nothing more than an exploration of core human nature in the face of relentless and inescapable destruction, this could be a really cool movie.

Or, as usual, I could be totally overthinking this, and it's just a guy in a rubber iguana suit.

Anonymous said...

I just assumed it was one of Rudy's campaign posters.~BB

Monique said...

I'm pretty annoyed that they picked Heath-brooklynsownhipsterdouchebag-ledger to be The Joker. It's too early to judge, though. We shall see.