Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anybody Checked the Statue of Liberty to See If It's Missing a Head?

You've gotta hand it to J.J. Abrams; he's really going all-out to build anticipation for Cloverfield. Explosion Rattles Midtown Manhattan

(Actually, what this proves is something Denis Leary said years ago -- that there are more interesting ways to die in New York City than anywhere else on earth. Sure you can be stung by a bark scorpion in Arizona, but having a steam pipe explode under your feet -- now that's post-modern.)


Calitri said...

From the article:

"No asbestos was detected in the air Thursday after a steam pipe burst in Midtown in Manhattan the day before, killing one person and wounding 26 others as the ruptured pipe sent thick plumes of smoke and ash into the air."

*holds up left hand* Steam pipe...*hold up right right hand* smoke and ash. *hold up left hand* Steam pipe...*holds up right hand* smoke and ash. Hmmm. I'm no rocket scientist, but it is possible the stuff going into the air was actually steam?

Jayne said...

I breathe in worse every day I step outside in this city.

And much worse every time I go downstairs at Lit.

and then the stuff that New Yorkers purposely put into our bodies? hmmm. methinks this is much ado about absolutely nothing.

Most importantly, my commute wasn't affected at all this morning.

Anonymous said...

Jayne you are so right!!!! I recall working in midtown and....
(never mind)

This was a ghetto mud bath with a lil with a tinge of asbestos (gray?) in the heart of Manhatten.

Al said...

As Doulgas Adams said (more or less)..."if you want a breath of fresh air just open a window and stick your head inside a building".