Monday, July 09, 2007


Sorry kids, due to circumstances beyond my control I've been Claude Rains over the past few days (look it up).

I should have some new material posted tomorrow.

Plan accordingly.


Caren said...

I looked it up - and all I found was a bio on the actor.

Of course, he was married six times in his life - I can see how you relate to that.

Thomas said...

Hmmm... so that means you're either invisible, divorced and remarried about four or five times, or dying of an internal hemorrhage... Hope it's the first one, Chez.

Al said...

Dammit I expect better for my hard-earned scratch. T'aint worth my money to see the same page for days in a row.

/hehehe...I said "taint"

Marjorie said...

Invisible Man?

Jayne said...

Hey hey hey- it's not the number of wives, it's the quality. and thankfully I think I make up for the others.

Caren said...

Don't take offense Jayne. Look at it this way...all of his other wives broke him in for you.

I remember him in his twenties, and trust me, you wouldn't have wanted him yet.

Although you would have been only 14 or 15 at the time, which would have made you perfect for Adam.

Jayne said...

well done, Caren!!!