Monday, June 18, 2007

We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Everyone Besides Us

I don't envy Lou Dobbs.

I honestly can't imagine what it's like knowing that you and you alone are privy to the threat posed by a secret and nefarious cabal -- one which even at this moment is shredding the very fabric of the country you hold so dear.

The restless nights. The pacing back and forth. The constant paranoia. All that righteous indignation. I'm sure it's something that a couple of Tums don't even come close to putting a dent in.

Like some journalistic equivalent of Rowdy Roddy Piper, every weeknight at 6pm on CNN, Lou puts on his special sunglasses, takes his place behind the bully pulpit, and belts out in a boisterous baritone his warning to a sleeping America that they are among us.


It's Vaudeville disguised as news, and it's the funniest thing on television.

Thankfully, an old friend -- Gene Weingarten, former editor of the Miami Herald's Tropic magazine and current writer for the Washington Post -- is a fan of the Lou Dobbs Angry White Guy Tin Foil Hat Hour as well.

He managed to capture the entire "essence de Lou" in his column yesterday. Do yourself a favor and take a look.

Below the Beltway, by Gene Weingarten -- 6.17.07


Manny said...

I have to say, I've never raped a child. And I haven't raped a nun in like, years. Alright weeks, but she totally deserved it man! Looking at me with those judgemental eyes, those smoldering, peircing, judgemental eyes. What? You want me to put those rosary beads where?....Sorry, got sidetracked for a minute. Great post!

slouchmonkey said...

Mexicans? Here? In this country?


This just in. "Lou Dobb's felates his dog."

Robert said...

*sung to the tune of Yesterday*

Leprosy....all my skin is falling off of me....and I'm not half the man I used to be...since I contracted leprosy...

namron said...

I guess you won't be applying for that positioin at "Lou Dobbs Tonight."
Dobbs reprersnts a long line of Populists. They tend to be tough on corporations and business, pro labor, and very xenophobic. The Populists in history tend to be guys we like --- think Robert La Follette, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman ----but the guys we don't like tend to gather in their shadows. Think Huey Long, George Wallace, and William Jennings Bryan.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Lou Dobbs = a man who makes Bill O'Reilly look sane and Larry King look like a respectable journalist.

VOTAR said...

Of all the myriad things I can be labeled, I guess xenophobic can be added to the list.

A thousand years ago, the Chinese built a wall across their entire western border. I still can't understand why we haven't done the same. Afterall, there are about ten million criminals available we could use to build it, cheap.

Alan Brant said...

Maybe ole Lou does goes overboard every now and then, but at what point do you start hollering? I mean there used to be a large White (European ancestry) prescence on the borders of this country and now it's gone (and no, the spanish or mexicans never were a large presence in the southwest, so that's a straw man). I'm all in favor of learning new things, but how many times in this country can you hear the phrase "you need to learn spanish", does it take for someone to finally grasp that this country is becoming someone else's? Lord knows that everything changes, but it's something else for whites in nothern states or mostly white enclaves in the south to pretend like the oncoming cultural shift isnt' about to hit us like a sledgehammer.

Chez said...

The problem isn't that Dobbs is backing the wrong horse -- the problem is that he beats that damn horse to death EVERY SINGLE DAY.

After awhile, it becomes nothing more than caricaturish and loses all impact.

VOTAR said...

It wasn't long ago that no one was even discussing this issue, except Lou Dobbs, every single day. Now all of us are. I think this is largely due to his tenacity.

It's too bad Mr. Dobbs' research crew got it so wrong on those disease statistics, because that gaff has certainly done tremendous damage to his credibility. As with the criminally negligent intelligence blunder committed by our government over Iraq, whoever was responsible for that should have been dealt with appropriately. But it's also a shame to see that the easiest reaction to someone saying something very important, and saying it more than once, is often just ridicule and lampoonery. We've seen it before in the response to people like Al Gore and Michael Moore, who've committed the unpardonable sin of urging people to consider thinking about something very important that might not have occured to them before. Something that these messengers -- right or wrong -- feel strongly enough about to beat the drum as loud as possible.

Silencing the message by belittling the messenger is a tactic of intellectual cowardice; to be expected from common playground bullies like Bill O'Reilly, perhaps not so much from The Washington Post. It's a motivation little different than that which ruined the career of Valerie Plame, because her husband, that pesky Joe Wilson, wouldn't play ball and behave like he was supposed to.

It dilutes the debate into little more than a schoolyard "yo mamma" rank-out contest, which is fine, I guess, since if we continue to tolerate (and encourage!) the cultural invasion occuring on our borders, that's about the loftiest intellectual pursuit we'll have left in America.

Christy said...

Not too long ago he did a show defending his treatment of illegal aliens - claiming that he wasn't fear mongering - of course he did this by counting the shows where he mentioned immigrants and disease together. Childish..

Anyway - this made me laugh so hard soda backed into my nose.

I have burning hatred for Lou Dobbs that rivals my hate for Nancy Grace.

Chez said...

Votar my friend -- I refer to my earlier comment.

namron said...

Votar, let me condense your argument: Just because Lou is a paranoid does not mean that someone is not really after him.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that it's always the same five guys commenting here. Don't you boys have BETTER things to do? Chez, at least, has a goal of being a writer. What are your excuses?

Jayne said...

1. there are more than 5

2. and I like them. :)

VOTAR said...

Just because we're not schizophrenic doesn't not mean that we're neither not more nor not less than five people. Of course, although we can neither confirm nor deny it, there are notable exceptions, not the least of which are those that cannot detrermine whether we're neither one of those. Not at all.

Certainly not.

And so do you.