Monday, June 18, 2007

O Sam J. Jones, Where Art Thou?

I'm exhausted and heavily medicated today -- more fallout from last year's brain surgery -- so the column I had planned to write will have to wait until tomorrow.

Instead, I give you six minutes and forty-seven seconds of relentless, almost zen-like insanity.

Just sit back and let it wash over you like a warm bath of crazy.


Schwa said...

Is there nothing so wond'rous as Brian Blessed wearing a giant diaper?

VOTAR said...





richard said...

as much as that movie sukced ass, I must've seen it 20 times

keenEddie said...

I saw that in the movies when it came out (yeah, yeah... I'm still petitioning to get my money back).

This version was more interesting than the original feature.

Emily Blake said...

Ok so I was at a seminar for work - the kind that makes oyu want to slam a fork into your neck - and fortunately I could get internet so that I did not, in fact, stab myself with a fork. And I came here and watched this thing.

But I had to watch it without sound. I'm not sure if that's better or worse but it was certainly strange.

The woman next to me who took everything very seriously and thought I was a terribly bad student looked over and was a little horrified at what she saw on my screen.

So thanks. My reputation is now complete.

Lorenzo said...

I too watched it at work. And shared it with everyone at work. Heh, my job sucks.