Friday, June 29, 2007

Listening Post

Happy Friday!

Let's stay with the murder theme, shall we? (Come to think of it, you could even argue the Coulter theme as well.)

Put on your black hoodie and your White Sox cap or knit hat, and set the Way-Back Machine for 1991.

From one of my favorite records of the 90s and damn sure one of the best hip-hop debuts ever: Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill a Man.

(By the way, it was a sign of how daring and dangerous hip-hop was at the time -- and how willing it was to stoke that image and recognize its roots in all different kinds of underground music that Cypress Hill gave a shout-out in this song to one of L.A. punk's most legendary bands. Props to anyone who can tell me to which band -- and specifically which song -- I'm referring.)


Paul said...

Inspired choice. I wish these guys hadn't gotten caught up in trying to make pop hits after the success of the gimmicky "Insane in the Brain." This song and "Hand on the Pump" were fuckin awesome.

Manny said...

I don't know Chez. This is a good way to lose all the Good Charlotte fans that visit. Maybe a Fall Out Boy video next time? Aly and AJ?

Maybe some pictures of cute little kittens.

Luke said...

Hi Chez

I used to adore the frist three albums from "Cypress Hill" but everything after "Temples of Boom" was just crap in my ears. But that's just my personal opinion.

I'm not sure but I guess you meant "Institutionalized" from the "Suicidal Tendencies". Am I right?

Take care, Luke

Chez said...

Agreed about Cypress's later material.

And yup -- you win the (complete lack of any) prize; it was Suicidal's Institutionalized.

"All I wanted was a Pepsi."

L.A. vato/cholo punk at its finest.

slouchmonkey said...

Suicidal. I'm a bit late to this post, but damn one of the coolest shows I ever saw was Cypress. B-Real clasped my hand and pulled me up onstage. STAGE DIVE! Fun.