Friday, June 08, 2007

Listening Post

Who the hell doesn't love nice surprises, especially on a Friday morning?

Imagine my childlike giddiness when I did a quick scan of iTunes and found that the new album from one of my absolute favorite undiscovered bands, The Start, had been released this past Tuesday.

It's called Ciao, Baby and as it turns out marks a return to the more dance-oriented sound of the band's 2001 debut, Shakedown!

Since, as I said, The Start falls into the "generally undiscovered" category, there's no video yet from the new release. So instead, take a listen to the first single from their debut -- the one that hooked me within seconds: Gorgeous.

As for Ciao, Baby, do yourself a favor and grab it.


Piercedjai said...

Right there with you on that one. Saw them back in 2001 in Birmingham, Alabama. later went out with them had a great late dinner. Glad to see there's another fan of theirs out there.

Hunter said...

Reminds me of The Sounds, albeit a bit edgier. Retro sound, reminds me what a band like the Motels could have become had they managed to creep into the alt-ridden 90's.

zoe said...

Good song, thanks for posting it.

Paul said...

I think I've listened to almost every song you've posted on here and this was the first one I didn't stop in the middle in an effort to stanch the massive blood flow from my ears.
I hope you enjoy that backhanded compliment.
Next time can you try something by R. Kelly? I recommend "Forever."

Chez said...

Shouldn't you go clean that nice, warm R. Kelly urine off your face?

Adam said...

The freakin' Start. I saw these guys live years ago, I'm still a huge fan. I just pulled out Gorgeous, Glimmerman and Nemesis on some of my musically deficient friends. Lukewarm reactions prevailed including, and I quote "If I liked this kind of music, I'd absolutely listen to this." As you say, sometimes it writes itself.