Friday, June 29, 2007

The Kid Still Stays in the Picture

A lot of you may not be aware, but today is a national holiday of sorts to those who take their gruesome, insatiable hedonism seriously.

That's because today -- June 29th -- is the birthday of Robert Evans.

The Hollywood legend is turning 77, a fact which fills me with hope simply because if he's managed to somehow survive this long despite a life spent pursuing the kind of sex-and-drug-fueled excesses that should've killed him ten times over, maybe there's hope for me after all.

Anyway, in honor of this occasion, here's a quick animated tribute to the one and only Kid Notorious -- compliments of Patton Oswalt and ESPN.

Happy Birthday Bob. Thanks for being born.


Jayne said...

this story just warms my heart.

Al said...

Classic...I have that album of Patton's and the Evans bit kills.

"Quit crying, it's just a diving watch". baahahahah

Manny said...

"Like a pussy soaked in apple juice"...genius.