Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Cynicist Manifesto: Addendum

Busted Moves

Can Hollywood please declare a moratorium on dance movies?

Between Dirty Dancing and the Forbidden Dance and Saving the Last Dance and Stomping the Goddamned Yard and Breakin' and Taking the Lead and being on Center Stage and Your Getting Served -- there's nothing more ridiculous than an entire movie focusing on bunch of dreamers who adhere to the moronic assumption that music is only worthwhile if you can shake your ass to it.

Seriously -- go listen to Black Flag and set something on fire, okay?


Dieter said...

Das thiss mean, mein liebkinder, that you do not vish to touch my monkey?

TK said...

There is only one truly great dancing movie. The rest are all just the weak sisters.

Yes, I speak of Footloose.

To paraphrase the MC5 - Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes, motherfuckers!

It's amazing how dancing is saving our inner cities, isn't it?

Emily Blake said...

Don't forget about the new classic Kickin' it Old Skool with Jamie Kennedy.

keenEddie said...

Ah, but were it not for the seminal (take that word as you see fit) classic, Rappin' we would not have had Dr. Peter Benton