Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Year of Living Stupidly

Today marks one year since the birth of this little experiment of mine.

On this dubiously auspicious occasion, I'd like to honestly thank everyone who's kept me busy writing over the past year -- those who've been kind enough to read, comment, and share. It's all meant a lot to me.

Now that I can cross "Become a Blogging Sensation" off my To-Do list, I plan to terminate this site -- effective immediately -- and move on to my next personal goal, which involves transforming myself into a crime-fighting rodeo clown.

Incidentally, everything I've written over the past year has been a lie; I'm actually a 78 year old grandmother of six from Fresno.

And don't ask about the picture; I Google Image Searched "Happy Anniversary" and that's what I got.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

"Oh, I wish I had a pencil-thin moustache, then I could make some movies too."

Seriously, I'm glad you started the blog ... for obvious reasons. Take care of yourself and J.

And if you're serious about that crime-fighting gig, don't forget to take the "criminology" class at Newark Community College first.

veddhead said...

That's odd. I had never seen your picture in the upper right corner of your blog until this morning, but I've always imagined you look like Slim Whitman, just with whiter teeth.

Lily's Mommy said...

F*ck that scared me. Don't stop your blog. I love your stories and analogies. Not to mention the nods to T.S. Eliot. :) And besides, I already know a crime-fighting rodeo clown....

girl with curious hair said...

I don't mind if you decide to pursue other hobbies on your to-do list, but why must you shut down the blog? You could use it to post the top ten most wanted, or recruit deputies. I don't care, just don't shut it down. Your being on vacation was bad enough.

Welcome back.

(Oh, and please share secret of success in becoming a "Blogging Sensation".)

Fungi said...

happy anniversary, grandma.

Anonymous said...

Back to the acid.

Here is an example, of where you actually had NOTHING interesting to say but said it :)

love ya Chez and don't even know ya..although was that you in the miata on Santa Monica Blvd across from the Mother Load in Weho?

Anonymous said...

Are you REALLY closing the blog - or am I missing the point of the joke?