Friday, May 25, 2007

Land of the Los

Jayne and I made it out of Vegas alive (although not before enduring a comically surreal lecture from a couple of fat Midwestern fucks about the importance of converting to Christianity).

We picked up the brand new Miata from Hertz and drove through the desert to Los Angeles -- and then spent today just driving around with the top down, soaking up the flawless weather.

There's much more to report really, but I see no reason to bother right now being that I'm sitting on the pool deck at the Standard, drinking a Mojito.

We may never come home.


VOTAR said...

Hey is that astoundingly cute brunette waitress Sheryl still serving drinks on the pool patio?

Anonymous said...

dude..I would say the City is fun and all but'told you so'

Anonymous said...

P.S. I dare you to drive the fuckin maita with the to down through West Hollywood - without Jayne, then report back to us :)

Emily Blake said...

I drove right by there last night on my way home from karaoke and though - hey, there you are.

It was 3 am so you were probably actually there.

Then I pondered how often people I know in a sort of bizarre passing way are actually very close to me without my knowing it. Then I got scared.

Enjoy your visit. Don't forget to run over a hobo with your fancy car.

margie said...

Do you think all Midwestern people are fat fucks

Anonymous said...

Oh what a joy it was to share good conversation, and great martini's with you and Jayne.

It certainly was a pleasure...we'll have to do it again sometime.

~senora disco

Chez said...

Margie -- no, as a matter of fact I don't think that all Midwesterners are fat fucks; these two just happened to be.

satan's down home spicy bbq sauce said...

Don't forget to go to Santa Barbara for some Sambo's French Toast!

Jayne said...

Votar, I can't believe you remember our waitress's name from 4 years ago.

Tom, Chez isn't going anywhere in West Hollywood without me.

Emily, I can't believe we were that close-- and I almost convinced Chez to find some karaoke while we were out there!

Margie, these guys were REALLY FAT. And they took all of my potato chips. I'm not making that up.

Future Mrs. Disco, we had a blast. Thanks again- and congratulations!

Manny said...

Hey Chez, thanks for taking the time to hang with us. We had a great time, and even managed to make it home in one piece. Hope the two of you enjoyed the rest of your stay, as brief as it was.

margie said...

A couple of fat Midwestern fucks that are jesus freaks sound like so many people I know. I hope you told them to fuck off. Have FUN