Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just Say Nay-No

With the '08 presidential campaign already wallowing in its own grotesque after-birth, perhaps it's time to remember that there are at least a few political candidates out there worthy of your vote -- in particular, one who can draw you a picture of how he's gonna kick your ass, mail it to you ten days in advance, then right after you get it and ask, "What the hell is this?" knock on your door, promptly kick your ass and leave you still not knowing what happened to you.


tiny robot said...

I'd vote for Pootie in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd even eat my vegetables!

Chez said...

Sa da tay.

Anonymous said...

You should. Have you seen his endorsement list:

The New York Times
The Amsterdam News
Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Rev. Louis Farrakhan
Hillary __ Clinton
John Edwards
Suge Knight
Jimmy Breslin
Bill Cosby
Don Imus
Rudy Giuliani
the 9/11 Hoax Committee
Chez Pazienza

Adam said...

You forgot the Leage of Women Voters.

Chez, longtime fan, second-time poster. The few precious Pootie clips that survive on the Best of the Chris Rock Show DVD have in large part made me the man I am today - no malt liquor, no fast food. (Yet much respect for the tippitais, yes!). I spent the better part of freshman year in college chuckling like a schoolgirl to Pootie's trials and be in the presence of clued-in cognoscenti is a wonderful thing.