Thursday, May 03, 2007

Imusgate III: The Wrath of Don

You know, sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

It looks like Dirty Don Imus will be having the last laugh after all. He's now suing CBS Radio for firing him over his mean but meaningless comment about the Rutgers Women's basketball team. Imus is looking for the 40 million dollars that remained on his contract -- and he'll likely get it.

The reason is because his contract, as it turns out, specifically demanded that he be both "controversial" and "irreverent" -- which of course, he was.

So in the end, what have we learned?

Well, as expected -- Imus, although washed up and thoroughly irrelevent from the get-go, was doing exactly what he was hired to do when he whipped off his innocuous little insult, thereby rendering CBS's self-righteous outrage nothing more than bullshit posturing. And, in a devilishly ironic twist, all the ridiculous efforts of Jesse Sharpton and Al Jackson basically rewarded the target of their midplaced ire with the ability to sit on his ass for the next several years and still make the fortune he would've made had he remained employed.

God bless America.


rayray said...

Exactly. They hired him to make stupid and uninformed comments, to make money, and when he fulfilled that role, they got rid of him. So not only did CBS lose all credibility as a news organization (although whether they had any left is debatable) but they also lost a whole bunch of dough. Serves them right.

Manny said...

Fan-effing tastic. Jess Sharpton and Al Jackson.

Anonymous said...

_____ Bless Lawyers!

Paul said...

A contract is a contract. He deserves the money because he was smart enough to protect himself from exactly this type of situation. But he does have a record of great charitable works so I'd rather see the money help sick kids than CBS shareholders.

Peter L. Winkler said...

One can be controversial and irreverent without resorting to undeserved, puerile, racist epithets. Of course vthat requires taste and talent, which Imus never possessed.