Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

So, Dick Cheney makes a surprise visit in an effort to speed up the construction of the new Death Star push the government of Iraq to move forward with political and security reforms.

I'd make the requisite snide comment, but in this case I'll defer to the wise-asses over at Chug Bleach.


asjfkldsfj said...

My wife allows me Bettie Page, Queen Latifah, and the old lady from BBC's "God's Waiting Room", or alternately, Daisy from "Keeping up Appearances" (for the most part, anyone older or fatter than her)>

girl with curious hair said...

I think Dick Cheney is greatly misunderstood. He goes places to solve global problems by telling people to act civilized, and people keep saying he wants offerings of cattle and/or small children. He wants OIL, people! Children do not make you rich, nor do they bring you power.

I just wanted to help lift this cloud of misunderstanding--and save any cattle and/or children that could have been harmed.

doesn't play well with others said...

Cheney looks like he should be stroking a white cat and laughing maniacally in that picture.