Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Highway Scar

As you can tell, I'm basically filling space until I can get something substantial published -- I'm thinking later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Until then though, enjoy this little bit of DIY perfection. It could be the trailer for Disney's Cars II: Annihilation, but regardless, it's the perfect imagery set to the perfect song creating total fucking chaos -- and it rules beyond words.


QueBarbara said...

Great, I just wish they would have added a little of the "Biker of the Apocalypse" scene from Raising Arizona in the video.

Can someone tell me how to post a link, there's a vid on YouTube but I can't the HTML right.

choenbone said...

Motorhead and Mad Max....god it could be a home movie!

Its early proof that Mel really is a lunatic.

TK said...

Two men enter.

One man leaves.

asjfkldsfj said...

mad max rocks