Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Film and Loathing in Los Angeles

Many moons ago, a very good friend of mine and I sat in the living room of my Hollywood Hills apartment, dropped a shitload of acid and proceeded to subject ourselves to an experience so psychically transformative that, to this day, we speak of it with equal parts reverence and revulsion.

That experience was a movie called Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America.

I will in no way attempt to explain the onslaught of unrelenting insanity contained on that 85 minutes of film, I'll only say this: if, by some miracle, you can find this brilliant, terrifying gem tucked away in the back of your local comic book shop or cult video store, grab it immediately.

Steal it if you have to; I did.

I promise you, you will never -- NEVER -- be the same once you've seen it.

And you know what? Just for the hell of it -- a couple of little bonus features from that particular evening's film selections:

At least I think that's what we watched; for all I know, it could've been all in our heads.

This, by the way, should explain everything about the way I am today.




1. I honestly don't remember any paper chickens. Not that there weren't any.
They're just elusive that way.

2. I had forgotten that the Black Man is the Fulcrum on the Deadly Teeter Board of Life.

3. I miss Mongo and the evil anti-Duchovny, and Plastic Man, and Supervixen, and Varla and the gang. R.I.P., Russ Meyer.

4. If I wasn't already convinced that a cabal of Qetxels from the Lost Planet are living under the crust of the Earth and manipulating the zombie mind of the undead Fidel Castro to poison our fruit supply from Guatemala and meeting at Area 51 with the President while he's getting his hair cut, because, well, Baldwin says so, I'm a true believer now and forever because, well, Daniel and Kilcoyne also say so.

5. I'm going to be completely useless today thanks to all the distracting flashbacks and uncontrollable fugue states. Thanks. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

1) where are the four corners of the earth?

2) do you have to be on acid to think, yes, ufo's will destroy the earth BECAUSE WE FUCKING DESERVE IT! Although, when they do come I will most definitly take acid for the first time in my life.

What a great non-biblical prophecy.

Anonymous said...

Oh..and I before I forget even I want to bang Vixen, but I need that black guy in a manage de twa (however you spell it.)

Manny said...

It certainly explains alot...except for your hard on for Good Charlotte. THAT still gives me nightmares..... Good Charlotte, not your hard on.

Chez said...

One more time for the cheap seats: don't like Good Charlotte -- like one or two of their songs.

Blow me.

: )

asjfkldsfj said...

god i miss acid