Sunday, May 13, 2007

For Mom

There aren't many subjects that leave me unable to properly translate my thoughts or feelings into words.

Still, I suppose that if anything in this world should rightly leave me so overwhelmed that I'm rendered speechless -- simply because I wouldn't even know how to begin to express what's in my heart -- it's my relationship with the woman who raised me and has stood by me through good times and bad.

My mother was a fashion model and a beauty pageant winner when she met my father. If that was the best you could say about her, I have no doubt that they never would've gotten together. As I get older however, the remarkable qualities that led my Dad to want to spend the rest of his life with her become more and more apparent to me.

She's frighteningly smart, wickedly funny and sophisticated as hell. Yet, for all of her worldly qualities -- traits which, in the hands of someone like, say, myself, would be used for pure evil -- she remains unabashedly optimistic.

Put simply, not only does she care -- she believes.

She believes in the good of humanity, and in the love of something larger than all of us -- something unexplainable. I don't always understand it, but I never doubt its sincerity or its integrity.

Its this optimism that's allowed her to deal with some of the more heartbreaking traumas life has thrown her way -- cancer, the loss of her own mother, her only son's descent into depression and addiction. Her extraordinary grace in the face of these crises has always shown me something to which I could aspire.

Because of that, all I can say on this Mother's Day -- the only thing that seems fitting -- is thank you.

That, and of course, I love you.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.

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Anonymous said...

You overwhelm me and make me very proud to have you for my son. Thank you for the kind words. The days of the photographers and beauty pageants are long gone but it's nice that you remembered that's how Dad and I met.

I'm very proud that you have never shied away from controversy and have held on to your convictions. We don't always agree but I've always respected your right to disagree with me.

Occasionally I sense you get a glimpse of yourself and see what has always been so crystal clear to me. I'm very proud of you for the overwhelming odds you've overcome with such dignity and grace (most of the time):) You've survived so much and gained so much insight along the away. You truly amaze and astound me.

I love you, Mom