Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Brothers in Arms

As much fun as it would be to get in touch with my inner-Kaufman, I'm far too lazy to successfully perpetuate the ruse that I'm shutting down Deus Ex Malcontent forever -- so, we press forward.

Although Memorial Day 2007 is now behind us, the violent and wholly unnecessary conflict which threatens the lives of an entire generation of our young soldiers rages on, seemingly without end.

It's because of this unfortunate fact -- this ongoing war, advanced by insane, immoral men, most of whom have never known life-or-death combat themselves -- that I ask you to take a few moments to read something which manages to assert with moving eloquence our nation's profound debt to those in uniform, while also making it clear that right now, there is only one way to suitably honor the sacrifice of such brave men and women.

Votar Says: They Are Not Toys (5.28.07)


Sean said...

I'm only a recent addict to the page, but I think I might cry if you did quit now, so soon after I've joined the club.

Thanks for all the great reads so far.

VOTAR said...

Thank you, my friend.

If you will indulge me, I'd like to encourage everyone to also read Cindy Sheehan's "resignation letter,"

The ridicule and manipulation she has had to endure, for the unpardonable crime of questioning the sanity of feeding our children into that relentless meatgrinder called Iraq, is a clear and disturbing sign of just how surreal and hopeless things may be getting.

Chez said...

I interviewed Cindy Sheehan awhile back. While it may seem easy and convenient to question her politics, it's just impossible to question her pain.

litelysalted said...

Seriously, you fucking better not have shut down just as I take the reigns to Pajiba Love. You're going to be my crutch, man!

Anonymous said...

man what a bunch of pussies