Friday, April 06, 2007

The Man Who Scolds the World

Regular readers of this little experiment of mine, in addition to being insane, may have noticed that I haven't bothered talking politics in awhile. This is despite the fact that White House scandal upon White House scandal have provided a wealth of great material over the past several weeks.

The truth of the matter is, I really don't see what the hell I can say that everyone else hasn't said already; I have nothing special to add to the mix. If you haven't figured out by now that our president is stupid, corrupt, dangerous and thoroughly worthless -- and that his second in command is delusional to the point of requiring a fucking straightjacket, there isn't much I can say to convince you.

That said, I want to steer you to a political writer who's far more talented, incisive and goddamned hysterical than I could ever hope to be.

One of the links on the right side of the page leads you to Matt Taibbi's regular column in Rolling Stone -- it's called The Low Post. Taibbi used to be a writer for the New York Press, where he wrote a series of brilliant columns, including the one that ended the tenure of the Press's editor and incurred the wrath of the mayor, both New York senators and of course, the Catholic Church; it was called The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope. #51 was, "After death, saggy, furry tits of dead Pope begin inexorable process of melting away into nothingness, like coldest of Sno-cones under faintest of suns."

What Taibbi was trying to say about the media's grotesque obsession with celebrity deaths (yes, even the Pope is a celebrity) as well as its tendency to gloss over any and all of the deceased's past transgressions -- well, let's just say it wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

His latest column in Rolling Stone takes aim at one of Capitol Hill's most useless dolts, Florida Republican Lincoln Diaz-Balart. Trust me when I tell you that, having lived in Miami, Diaz-Balart is one of the many sickening politicians who act as the trusted subservient bitches of the hardline Cuban exile community. He was one of the clowns who, every hour on the hour, turned up in front of the house in Little Havana where Elian Gonzalez lived for several months; he was always there just in time for the cameras to roll.

He's a whore of the highest magnitude, and Taibbi nails him to the wall.

Take a look for yourself, and if you like what you read -- I'd highly suggest picking up Taibbi's book, Spanking the Donkey: Dispatches from the Dumb Season.

Matt Taibbi: Tasting Their Own Medicine -- Republicans Complain About the Congressional Shaft


Manny said...

Either the guy should be institutionalized (if so, there's no hope for the rest of us) or he is a genius. Probably both. I would rather my newspaper went down in flames than fault him for any backlash cuz damn.....that right there was funnier than Pereza Hilton advocating social responsibility.

RottweilerTOM said...

Chez: Your misery in South Florida is so noted. However, in 1992 I ran a Republican Primary for the State Assembly out on Long Island (Massapequa) against the biggest DOLT in the NY Assembly..a guy named Phil Healey. Here's a guy who when I was 18 in 1985 asked him a simple question about David Stockton's famous book on supply side - his only substantive response was he was a "traitor" to the Republican Party. As an assemblyman since 1972 (LOL) how he got elected each term didn't confuse me so much especially when every local rag he appeared next to a 11 year old Little League player or speaking to a local neighborhood association - again since 1972 - my whole understanding of the process no matter how fucking STUPID this man was, was rooted in the perception of the man as someone relevant in the hood of the jewish, irish and italian hoods of Massapequa. It had NOTHING to do with him supremely talented being a legislator in Albany. Oh, and in 1992 I got 20% of the vote fighting his phony fuckin image while attacking the "Machine" in Nassau and the thieves running that circus.

Yet this in a thousand years would not be tolerated in intellectual Northern California. Fuck Florida and Fuck Long Island.

RottweilerTOM said...