Thursday, April 26, 2007


I give up.

After only two episodes, Fox -- the network which ironically continues to fund Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? -- has canceled Drive.

After watching the first two episodes, I can't say that I was blown away -- but then again, it was only two episodes into the fucking series.

You'd think Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion would've learned from their previous experience with Fox, as they were the co-creator and star (respectively) of my beloved Firefly -- another show that was vanquished quickly due to the moronic shortsightedness of the suits at NewsCorp programming.

So once again, all that hype, all that touting of Drive as the next great television drama, all that money spent on advertising -- only to be unceremoniously dumped like the unpopular girl in a John Hughes movie.

Fuck you, Fox -- just fuck you.

(For a quick refresher course on the kind of idiocy that goes on behind the scenes at a network's programming department, I invite you to take another look at Idiot vs. Predator/3.1.07)


litelysalted said...

Well, at least now I feel less disappointed about missing it the other night to go help Mr. Salted pick up some lumber from Lowes. True, it wasn't stellar... But I would have liked to see where it went. Fucking Fox fuckers.

LiteraryAlchemist said...

I wasn't entirely blown away or impressed with it, either. Certainly not as I was with Firefly. But the bastards did manage to hook me, already.

This just sucks, man.

Oh well. At least Fox didn't air the first two episodes out of order in an effort to sabotage it from the start.


"Fuck you Fox -- just fuck you."

candyrayne said...

Shows like this need to be on cable t.v. where it has a miniscule chance of survival.

Fox sucks.

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show that even a fifth grader has the sense to turn Fox off

theodicy said...

I hate most of what passes for television programming, I absolutely hate it. But there is one exception...

One day while surfing the net I found a site where a bunch of people were raving about a series that Fox had canceled: something called "Firefly." They were saying it was probably the best sci-fi series ever...

I was intrigued enough by all the positive reviews to go to Borders and actually buy the box set.

After watching just the FIRST episode in the set, I had already concluded that this was the best TV series I had ever seen. By the time I finished all the episodes in the set, I was certain that this was the best thing I've seen on TV OR film. Nothing even comes into a close second in my book, except for perhaps the later seaons of Star Trek: Next Generation. But still, Firefly was above and beyond.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Josh Whedon, creator of Firefly, was inspired to do the series after reading the book "Killer Angels", which is an excellent piece of historical fiction dealing with the battle of Gettysburg. I really enjoyed the book myself, which was also used as the basis for the movie "Gettysburg," one of my favorite films.

While it was absolutely insane for Fox to cancel Firefly, I don't understand why Whedon couldn't get any other network to pick it up. Perhaps you can explain to me why no one in all of television saw Firefly as worthy addition to their programming line-up.

Anyway, my favorite line comes from the "Safe" episode, when River and Simon are kidnapped by right-wing Republican extremists. When Mel and the crew rescue them, the town elder informs Mel that River is a witch; to which Mel replies: "She may be witch, but she's OUR witch."

Also, Jayne's classic line: "I'll be in my bunk."

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