Friday, April 13, 2007

All Gore

In honor of Friday the 13th, I give you almost seven full minutes of hysterically gratuitous violence from the greatest, sickest martial arts splatter movie ever made -- The Story of Ricky.

Watch for what could very well be the best line in film history: "You got a lotta guts Oscar!"



VOTAR said...

that could very well be the best seven minutes of my life so far

Chez said...

What I wouldn't have given for that movie at about the seventh hour of one of those Felix the Cat nights.

Anonymous said...

Ok can we PLEASE have the american version of this, Imus pulling the endless guts from Al Sharpton, and a few slices of his chin(s).

VOTAR said...

i was thinking roughly the same thing.

Manny said...

This looks like buckets of love. If you have the time and energy Chez, you might want to track down a copy of "Versus"

I don't think the gore is on the same level, and there's a lot of cheezy dialogue,but it has great action.