Tuesday, April 24, 2007

True Lies

There's a great scene toward the end of The Shawshank Redemption, in which the warden -- having just had his ass handed to him by Andy Dufresne -- realizes that he's pretty much finished. He locks himself inside his office and, as the police pound away on the opposite side of the door, pulls a pistol from his desk drawer and decisively puts a bullet through his own head.

I bring this up because it really seems to be turning into that kind of day for America's own figurative "warden" -- the lying, calculating, stubborn, arrogant and thoroughly malicious entity known as the Bush White House.

The administration's Andy Dufresne, in this case, is a man named Kevin Tillman -- he's the little brother of the late Corporal Pat Tillman, who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan after quietly leaving behind a huge NFL contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join the army and serve his country. Just moments ago, Kevin Tillman (himself a soldier who was there the day of his brother's death) got up in front of a senate panel and delivered an absolutely blistering attack on the U.S. Army and the campaign of misinformation which its leaders have engaged in as part of an effort to shore up the steadily declining support for their wars. The younger Tillman blasted the army, accusing it of covering up the truth about his brother's death and doing so for poltical reasons.

It was, quite honestly, one of the most mesmerizing scenes I've ever witnessed -- certainly the most stirring presentation Capitol Hill has seen in quite some time.

Tillman's testimony was followed by a quieter, but no less impassioned speech by former Private Jessica Lynch; she stated flatly that the entire story of her defiance in the face of incredible odds -- that she went down fighting before being taken prisoner by Iraqi troops -- was nothing more than an elaborate lie perpetrated by the military to create a hero for America to rally around.

As I watched these two hammer away at the once-foreboding castle keep which has stood large around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the past six years, I remembered that congressional Democrats were launching their own attack from a different direction -- in the form of both an investigation into the Justice Department's firing of eight U.S. Attorneys, likely for political reasons, and a bill which threatens to take the wind out of the sails of a bitter and frightened President's ridiculous war.

Then I remembered that as of this morning, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed that the Office of Special Counsel is about to announce a sweeping investigation into the White House's questionable political operations for the past six years -- in simpler terms, all those nasty little under-the-table dealings of one Karl C. Rove.

Then I remembered the final insult to the once all-powerful Bush Administration.

A 33% approval rating.

I wonder if the door to the Oval Office has a lock.


rayray said...

you know what, I just don't think it's gonna happen. In the face of every damning piece of evidence that is uncovered, they just keep acting like they have the goddamn mandate of the people. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but I don't think Bush is actually aware enough to understand that he's going to go down as the worst 'President' in the history of the U.S.

VOTAR said...

rayray beat me to it. I was thinking about this while driving around today. This isn't THE BIG THING that will seal the doom of this evil empire, it's only the next reminder of just how evil this administration is, and how powerless (and apathetic) we, the vassals of the evil empire, have become.

Lies about "WMD"
Lies about a Saddam-al-Qaeda connection.
Lies about Iraq's nuclear program.
Lies about uranium from Niger.
Lies about aluminum centrifuge tubes.
Lies about mobile chemical labs.
Lies about Iraq's anthrax stockpile.
Lies about abu-Graib.
Lies about oil revenues offsetting the financial cost of the war.
Lies about Tillman.
Lies about Lynch.
Lies about Plame.
Lies about e-mail.

Lies resulting, DIRECTLY, in the death of over 3,000 Americans, the maiming of thousands more we never even hear about until an undercover reporter sneaks around inside our Dickensian slum asylum VA hospitals, and the obliteration of an entire middle-eastern culture.

And yet there they are still in power. Billy got a hummer from a fat girl, and he was the antichrist.

Meanwhile, this little retarded homunculus, this war criminal, and his illuminati cabal are pulling us off the edge into oblivion, and the worst that can happen to them is a drop in their approval rating. At this point, why should that even matter any more? Only when you have lost everything, are you truely free to do anything.

Bush won't go out with a bullet. He's already kicked over the lamp, the curtains of the Golden Palace are already on fire, and he's rummaging around to find his fiddle.

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I'd be happy to see Bush out of office...but only if I knew that Cheney would also be gone. Because as much as I have grown to despise Bush, I would bet anything Cheney'd be even worse as a president.
If, however, we could get rid of both Bush and Cheney and end up with President Nancy Pelosi, I'd be happy.

VOTAR said...

Oh and remember,

keep drinking the water.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Nice post, kid.

Not to blow smoke up your ass, but this post exemplifies why I like reading your stuff - it shows that apparently the skills and information you've accumulated from all these years in the business can still be put to good use.

girl with curious hair said...

I was telling my husband about Kevin Tillman's testimony today and how embarrassing it was for these self-promoting liars. He laughed at me, because I was under the impression members of this administration are capable of shame. Which is a good point. After all, if you had managed to ignore a warning titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US"; drown most of the population out of a historic US city; start an unprovoked war with a neutralized country; destroy, loot and steal said country's priceless historic resources (and shrug it off as part of democracy's mess); lie about just about every decision you've made while holding public office; pretend to be a war hero...You get my point--then chances are you don't know shame.

Hell, even if there was a lock on the door, they'd probably shoot someone else in the head and make them apologize for getting shot.

Jim said...

Thw water's good, but I wants me some of those red pills...

It must be serious if the Feds are investigating highschool homework.
I guess we're sort of lucky. We could have gone and elected a really good liar.

RottweilerTOM said...

your writing is fucking orgasmic...that's kinda a gay thing caming from another guy...wait I'm gay, so be it! Why I mention that is I do NOt recall ever in the american political system where a spineless, idiotic president had no clue about the inner-workings of washington, so he elevates Rove to a political position - and conclusively plans out alienating 1) common sense and 2) my bros and lesbos in the gay community to a point a sheer vilification. Making us feel like pure shit and evil for 8 years. For what, so he maintains his power-grab by cow-towing to most disturbing political constituency in american politics.

litelysalted said...

Funny thing, I had him pegged for assassination back in 2000 before any of this fucking mess. A lock on the oval office door? I can't even daydream because it makes the harsh realities all the more bitter. I agree with the girl with the curious hair, they'd probably shoot someone else in the head and make them apologize for it.

A lady named Sarah Dougher once said, "I've made a lot of big mistakes. Hope was never one, I don't think." I've always found that line to be quite inspirational. In this case? It was a mistake. I'm hopeless and defeated.

Robert said...

I could only hope.

If not, we get to watch him jet around collecting tens of thousands of dollars a speech while we, and the Iraqi people, pay for his incompetance for decades to come.

Yeah, I'm all flowers and sunshine today. Good write though, Chez.

QueBarbara said...

I'm so bad at expressing myself, because I can't connect words to my thoughts the way that you do, but ...

It seems that Pat Tillman's death will really have an effect on our perception of the war, only not in the way that the Bush Administration thought. Maybe his family will get some comfort that his death will make a difference, that it wasn't all for naught.

namron said...

I fell sound asleeep at the computer last night. I dreamed that I began to surf YouTube and I found a secret cellphone video of the Bush/Cheney hanging in the basement of Walter Reed. It was a sweet dream.