Friday, March 16, 2007

Stark Contrast

I'd like to say, with all delicious irony fully intact -- God bless Pete Stark.

The California congressman is now the highest-ranking elected official in the United States to "out" himself as one who places thousands of years of human and scientific advancement over 2000-year-old superstition and fairy-tale hokum.

In other words, he doesn't believe in the theory of a god (the proper way of phrasing it incidentally, being that the denial of something which has not and cannot be proven requires no contrarian argument; you wouldn't call someone who didn't believe in gravity and "anti-gravite," you'd call that person an idiot).

When asked whether a so-called athiest can properly serve the people of the United States -- particularly at its highest levels of government -- former Massachusetts governor, presidential candidate and devout mormon Mitt "Please Don't Make Fun of My Silly Name" Romney said this:

"We need people of faith to run this country. Americans want their leaders to be children of God."

Yes Mitt, you're absolutely right. What this country desperately needs right now aren't more people who embrace fact, reason and their fellow humans in the knowledge that this may very well be the only chance we all have to make things right on planet earth. We don't need people who can argue against dangerous religious extremists from a point of unassailable logic rather than the ridiculous belief that one imaginary friend is better than another. We don't need people who understand that one person's religious beliefs should never become a matter of legislation -- particularly when it comes to scientific education and advancements which will save lives, and personal decisions which are best left personal.

No, no -- you're right. What we need are more people like your fellow presidential candidate Sam Brownback -- who say that homosexuality is immoral because an ancient book written by a bunch of primitives who literally knew nothing about anything says so. Or maybe just more people like you -- adhering to the hilarious teachings of a narcissistic con man who essentially cobbled together, in the tawdriest manner possible, stolen bits and pieces from other religions in an effort gain wealth, power, as many wives as he deemed fit, and a flawless means of simultaneously eluding and cheating the very government which you now hope to run.

How about another idea -- more Pete, less Mitt.


Anonymous said...

God fucking bless you on beautiful prose. There is something providentially devineconcerning your writing.

The gay tribe NEEDS YOU to write on our behalf since Talaga is off on some Jolie tangent.

Chez said...

I can never replace John -- that boy's my gay crush.

Deiskrad said...

Now all we need is, say, a few hundred more like Ol' Pete here on the Federal level and perhaps we can get those gears unstuck.
Sadly, that's a pipe dream, and I know it because I live in Indiana.

cruella dahling said...

deiskrad--I am a fellow Hoosier and feel your pain. We are trapped in farm country full of right-wing religious Republican nutjobs. People around here already think Cali is full of whackos...this will cement it for them. I can't believe people continue to believe this superstitious mumbo-jumbo bullshit. This book they all quote is a collection of stories made up to control the population. It shows just what a great job the early Church and power brokers did in terrifying people into believing all this shit that, 2000 years later, people are still so wound up about it. Believe me, I work in a church(its an easy job, as long as I can KEEP MY YAP SHUT, and that is the hard part) and I see the hypocrisy of it everyday. And, Chez, I'll say it again. Too bad you are married, cuz you are my kind o' guy!!!

Jayne said...

Deiskrad- I love the fact that we were confirmed together.

My parents aren't too happy I'm an athiest now- what do yours think?


good to see you here, sweetie.

mrmook said...


Thanks. Of course the sad part is that the majority of the retarded populace of our great nation fearfully clings to superstition like a lifejacket on the Titanic.
So props to Pete for having the courage and Chez..........
keep firing away.

Thomas said...

Does any else get the sense that all these people who are so utterly dependent on religion to account for everything are just looking for a HUGE excuse to have an external locus of control?

kali said...

It makes me think of a clip I saw somewhere right around the 2000 presidential elections where a young man was asked who he will vote for and why. His response was George W. because, "We need God back in the White House." Because everyone knows that the U.S. was intended to be a theocracy...oh wait...

The punchline is always the fact that if I express the horror I feel at the union of religion and government I'm touted as an America-hater. That's what I get for living in Florida.