Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Rest is History

Just a point worth mentioning: this month marks my fifteenth year in the television news business.

To celebrate this auspicious anniversary, I'll be throwing a party this coming Saturday night at the bottom of the East River, directly under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Feel free to attend.


Alex said...

Is it BYOB (Bring Your Own Bodybag)?

RottweilerTOM said...

say Hi to the goombas and drug addicts

choenbone said...

if you jump, who will sit next to Joe, Mike, Sara and I and make snide comments under our breaths about family gatherings? I can't hold the torch all by myself you know. Besides I'm not all that internet savvy, so how will I know whats goin on in the news, you know damn well we try to avoid that at all costs, unless it involves fire or blowing things up, but you already knew that.

Manny said...

Well, happy (?) anniversary. So I guess your one year closer to completing the pact you made with Satan in exchange for an endless supply of blow, booze and Taiwanese hookers that have no concept of our legal system. Does this mean that soon your heads gonna burst into flames and you're gonna ride around NY protecting the innocent?

Or, just continue to count the hours, minutes and seconds until your life implodes in a bloody haze of self loathing and contempt?

Either way sounds like fun! I'll bring the Tostitos!!!

Anonymous said...

wait, Taiwanese Hookers are supposed to have a concept of our legal system?

damn. Taiwanese Hooker School must be a real bitch.