Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Final Cylon?


Anonymous said...

What's a cylon?


Schwa said...

I better mention that there are spoilers below, just in case...

Well, All Along the Watchtower does include Book of Revelations symbolism. I think it should be Joseph Smith though, to go with the show's predecessor's Mormon heritage.

Other possibilities:

On the way to Earth, the humans find a robot bear-dog creature named Muffet that turns out to be a Cylon. And it too acts all hot and bothered like certain other Cylons to capture that oh-so-precious cyber-furry demographic.

The Galactica itself is secretly a Cylon and transforms into a MegaMaid-like robot. Hey... the music was coming from the Galactica itself, no?

Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix.

In a bizarre plot twist, the twelfth Cylon turns out to be... YOU, THE VIEWER!

-- Schwa ---

So do you think the taking of Tigh's eye was less for punishment and more of an aesthetic choice so that he'd more resemble his toaster brethren?

Anonymous said...

I saw a 900-foot Jesus in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Damn that was some GREAT Peyote....

Ever hang in Little Ethopia when you lived in the La? Not that i'd suggest it (unless you like enormous stale pancakes and twice food-processed mystery stews) but I officially realized this weekend we need Ethopians and Christians to meet in a DemiGod picture competition. Apparently, Haile Selassie loved a good photo opportunity more then a drunk sorority chick...If only he had a MySpace page..


Robert said...

Makes as much sense as anything I saw Sunday night.

Robo said...

I can't believe i spent two mouse clicks and the time typing "cylon" into google just to find out it's something from Battlestar Ga-dork-ica.

This is almost as bad as two of my friends sending text message votes for that douchebag on that American Idol crap. (yes I gave them shit too)

(Sorry Sci-fi was never my thing.)

Anonymous said...

O.k...I just looked it up. You're such a geek!

Please explain to us mere mortals the appeal of this show...'cuz I don't get it. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, yes, BG?


Babypants said...

Man, Starbuck really seems the most obvious. But I never would have pegged any of the other 4 as cylons (aside from Chief, that Cylon frakker).

Other than that, I would guess Roslin because of her shared dreams with Athena and Caprica Six.

Frankly it's anybody's race. Except for maybe Baltar. They've spent too much time convincing me he's not a Cylon to make him one now.


What's really fucked up...

I can't get that gods-damned song out of my head.



RottweilerTOM said...

jesus knew how to dress!!!


Hey Schwa, remember, the initial seven we've been shown do not know the identity of the so-called "final five," so the eye-plucking could not have been any sort of retribution.

But honestly, the more I ponder all this, the more disappointed I get. No matter how cool the closing sequence was Sunday night, I'm still, in my mind's eye, watching the final bits of the motorcycle sliding down that shark's gullet at the bottom of the tank.

This "Final Four and Oh Yeah Maybe Also Kara" shit still just doesn't add up for me, sorry to say (in interviews, Ron Moore has said, unequivocally, yes, they are Cylons). They had all of humanity enslaved on New Caprica for over a year, imprisoned and tortured most of them, and no maybe, uh, medical tests or anything that might reveal Tigh's eyeball to be a little machine gizmo??? Baltar himself developed the Cylon blood test, after all. THEY FARMED ONE OF KARA'S ORGANS...REMEMBER????? For a race striving to demonstrate its superiority, boy are those skin-jobs dense.

And if we are to believe now that Tyrol is also Cylon, then HIS baby with Cassy is ALSO a HYBRID, making every frame of video having ANYTHING to do with Hera, Boomer, and Helo utterly irrelevant (one of the better plot arcs, in my opinion). They spent half a season on the efforts to get aboard the basestar and get the baby back...but now, so what? This also renders the entire sequence of Kara's New Caprica imprisonment and deception into believing that she was the mother of that blond kid completely meaningless!

(Wow, yeah...holy shit this does sound really fucking dorky when you read it, huh?)

I won't defend the show for the sake of the uninitiated...dispite the VERY serious whiplash the plot has just given me, it has/had been still, from a purely technical perspective, one of the best dramatic shows on television. That it happens to be sci-fi is window dressing.

That its story appears to be falling apart (either that, or a master stroke of fanbase deception), is heartbreaking.

Daphne said...

Heh. Touché, Chez, touché.

Makes as much sense as anything I saw Sunday night.

I know, right?

great and powerful....TIM said...

Wow, talk about devotion. I never really got into the show, but it sounds like a lot of you have...i suppose its better that this is the focus of your free time than some of the other possibilities.

choenbone said...

I feel like some candy, how's bout a DORK PEPPERMINT PATTY. "Dork, catch the sensation."

sorry had to throw that out there., i just couldn't resist

D.W. said...

I'm looking forward to not watching so much Godsdamned TV for the next two seasons...

Fraks with yer head.

FYI - in BSG - Roslin shares blood with Hera and Sharon. Six is the spiritual (symbolic) mother of Hera, as explained before.
So blood creates destiny, eh?

Hope the Mormon thing doesn't work into this too much.

/Free Baltar! Oh sh*t - he's free - now what?

The hour is getting late...

Noelle said...

The more I think about this episode, the more I like it. At least they have 10 months to come up with plot points to justify all the crap they made up.

And Ron, by the way, the proper term is "Nerdstar Geekactica." And you don't know what you're missing.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Yah Chez, on your advise, I rented and watched (as much as I could) of BSG. I'm sorry brother, I trust your opinion on most other stuff (like NIN Muppet remakes, for example), but on this I've gotta go the other way.

Far the other way. Far, far, far the other way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go brain myself with a crowbar and watch a few Vin Diesel movies to get a taste of some better acting and more plausible plot-lines.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

"Battlestar Ga-dork-ica"

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

I weep for how long I'm sure you took to dream that up. How's about you go back to the American Idol message boards and leave this one for the big kids, mkay?

Chez said...

You just keep on watching Heroes there Matty-boy. Hayden Panettiere thanks you in advance for allowing her to continue to get into places like Butter NYC where she can dance the night away with the pantiless Olsen twins.

Robo said...

Must be one hell of a time to surf the comments section of a blog and trash other readers anonymously.

I commend your valor and virtuosity and some other V-word I can't think of right now because I'm too busy on the Idol message boards.

"How's about you go back to" Arkansas and leave the thinking to us humans!!