Monday, March 26, 2007

Allahu Croc-bar

I'm not sure how effective it'll be, but somebody deserves credit for finally adding a little creativity to the suicide bombing. Woman Stopped at Gaza Border Wearing Belt of Live Crocodiles


Manny said...

Well, that's one chastity belt I won't fuck with.

Unless she's, like, Aishwaria Rai hot, then it's totally worth getting your johnson mangled to get at that.


Fungi said...

Look at those snappers!

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Yeah, I got nothing.

Robo said...

I would sprint towards Aishwaria Rai if she was wearing a belt of C4, holding the detinator, and smiling in that seductive way she does when we're frisky on sunday afternoon in the warmth of summer...Oh what? it was croc's and Aishwaria Rai wasn't involved in any way?

Um....LOOK OVER THERE [runs away]